MHEG5 Engine

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Pixsan's Echo MHEG-5 engine, is fully compliant with the latest UK 1.06, Dbook 6.2.1 and Dbook 7. We also offer compliance with Australia and New Zealand profiles.

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The Echo MHEG-5 engine has full support for:

  • Enhanced graphics
  • High Definition compatible
  • IP Interaction Channel (return path)
  • DVR
  • Maori characters and EPG for New Zealand profile
  • Local languages ( e.g. Chinese, Indian, African fonts)
  • SMS and other subscriber messaging
  • Common Interface Plus (CI+) browser compliant

The Echo MHEG-5 engine can be integrated with Pixsan's Elgist DVB stack, and Hydra DSM-CC stack, for a complete digital broadcast solution with full interactivity support.

Elgist Echostack

Pixsan worked closely with the UK DTG for the development of the Interaction Channel extensions (MHEG-IC) for IP based services. The Echo MHEG-5 engine, together with Pixsan's MediaClip media player enables Catch-up TV and Video on Demand services, such as the BBC's iPlayer.

iPlayer TV_version

For more information on the Echo MHEG-5 engine please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Pixsan can also offer support in authoring MHEG-5 applications, details of which can be found on our services page. For details on the Elgist DVB stack please see our related product page.